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Mozart Festival next week!


Last night was the final rehearsal with piano – next week orchestra and soloists!

We ran the show, with special emphasis on Vesperae Solennes de Confessore. What an amazing piece! Not a work I have sung before, it has been wonderful to listen to (over and over and over) and very rewarding to sing. Compared to the other two, it feels as if it has more weight. No, it’s not heavy by any means, it just has more dimensions. More operatic would be a good description. We all can’t wait to sing with the orchestra and soloists!

I’m not going into more detail because Sanford’s Program Notes are posted here. They are a wealth of information on Mozart, and on each piece. Lots of information on how each is structured and special things to listen for. Very much worth reading!

Again . . . tickets available online or at the door of each performance. It’s going to be a spectacular performance!