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Regina Coeli


So much has been written about Mozart by Mozart scholars or classical music scholars or music critics, that everyone can find reams of information with a few clicks. So I’m not going to even attempt a scholarly discussion here. But I can talk about what it’s like to learn and sing this music, and how much the chorus is enjoying the experience. It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to get to rehearsal every week.

Even though all three works share a lot of the same joyful musical affect with fast tempi and a very bright sound, they each feel different. The Regina Coeli (and I’m stealing what Sanford said in rehearsal this week) is like a mosaic, with the chorus, orchestra and solo parts all fitting together to make a glittering, exuberant whole. It’s immense fun! But not easy. The soprano part for all three pieces hovers between E and high G, and it’s a real workout to produce a consistent clear sound throughout the piece. And the altos, tenors and basses all have their own challenges.

Tomorrow we have our all-day workshop where we run all three works in order. Then I’ll know exactly which parts I really don’t know yet.

To be continued . . .